Understanding K.I.L Busidness

K.I.L is primarily a service provider company in the energy industry in Uganda. We have a large scale of services which we offer. This ranges from distribution to sale of electricity. The business of K.I.L is the supply of electricity (power) to the Rural Areas of Kasese District and the surrounding areas. This is effected by License No.065 issued in 2007 by Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) which is valid until 2017 but renewable.

On incorporation in February 1997, K.I.L was registered as a corporate entity with limited liability, which is limited by shares not guaranteed, as other companies do. the company is authorized to issue 100,000 (one hundred thousand) shares of which 27,000 have been purchased and issued to the public. To date, the company has share holders.

K.I.L has three products

  • Distribution and sale of electricity
  • Sale of shares to the public
  • Supply of PV solar home systems.

The supply of electricity on the Grid and PV solar will continue to be a key business of K.I.L with a substantial share of the organization’s business. Other business opportunities hitherto untapped will also be considered for development after satisfactory market research

PV Solar systems

K.I.L intends to introduce PV solar home systems in the third quarter of this financial year. it will target home steads and institutions in isolated settlements like the lake region and areas with difficult terrain especially in steep highlands like Mahango, Buhaghura, Kitholhu and buhuhira. Its projected that a home stead will spend 1.3 million to get a unit of solar system, but 50% of this shall be financed by subsidy upfront by Rural Electrification Agency REA.

Metering System

On addition to the CPU CARD prepayment system, K.I.L has since July 2013 introduced KEY PAD prepayment system. This has tremendously improved service delivery and relationship between K.I.L and her beloved customers.