Kilembe Investments Limited is a public limited company licensed to sell electricity in Kasese and Rubirizi District. Kilembe Investment Limited’s first business plan was prepared in 2007 and focused on supply of power to rural areas of Kasese District and surrounding areas. The Business Plan laid out how KIL would raise the capital to build the power lines and working capital to distribute electricity in Kasese District and the surrounding areas. Kilembe Investments successfully raised the capital and commenced operations in 2009. In October 2014, Kilembe Investments Limited signed a lease agreement with the GoU, where power lines were transferred to GoU and are in turn leased to KIL. The Government of Uganda is also constructing new power lines and has expanded KIL’s area of operation to four other districts. This five year business plan will review the performance of KIL against the 2007 Business Plan and also detail how the company will manage the expanded service territory in order to meet the conditions of the lease agreement, generate profit and Return On Investment and pay dividends to shareholders.

Lighting villages for rural transformation to improve the quality of life

To be a competitive clean energy provider for a cleaner environment

  • To earn profit on the investments so that the owners can get a fair return on their capital invested.
  • Increase investments in shares and supply of electricity including PV solar.
  • Minimize or eliminate commercial losses.
  • Generate sufficient revenue for smooth running of the company.
  • Recruit, retain, and develop a team of well-motivated staff.
  • Offer quality service and care to our customers.
  • Safety of workers, equipment, assets and the work place.
  • Have control on reliable power supply.

Checkout Our core values

What do we stand for ?


adherence to ethical code of conduct and professional standards in our work with zero tolerance to corruption.


acting with imagination, vision, clear goals, and innovation.


service first before self. We serve all customers without discrimination or favor



price, supply and maintenance to guarantee quality of power


all employees to always act with due care to the customers


every employee of the company is a leader in one way or the other which shall be reflected in the way we deal with the public

Our strategic objectives

  • Remain a going concern for survival as an enterprise.
  • Increase customer base and realize enhanced growth.
  • Increase revenue for profitability.
  • Avert threats/weaknesses of the company.
  • Integrity and good Public Relations.
  • Increase sale of shares
  • Initiate PV solar under Rural Electrification Agency (REA) financing
  • Growth in scope and capital accumulation
  • Earn 20% return on investment
  • Increase asset base –equipment, tools & machines.
  • Take insurance cover for company property
  • Initiate IPO – Initial Public Offer- process.
  • Offer quality service to customers
  • Increase revenue by 20% by working on targets.
  • Tackle thefts and cost reduction
  • Breakeven by June 2014
  • Eliminate debt and other obligations
  • Sound finance management and accountability
  • Healthy cash flows
  • Revenue growth on target
  • Adequate working capital
  • Strong and creative management team set on achievement
  • Committed,and hardworking work force
  • Staff appraisal bi-annually
  • Training in utility and organizational management