Corperate Structure of the Company

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KIL  is  governed  by  seven  (07)  members  of  the  Board  of Directors who represent 3,891 local shareholders.

We have a five-member management team headed by a Lady Chief Executive officer, with other management members heading different   Departments   in   Finance,   Technical Services, Human Resources, and Risk and Internal Audit. Below these, are a line of professional employees aimed at achieving the goals and objectives of KIL. We are Gender sensitive in our recruitment processes, with women empowerment to contribute as mothers to the Nation. These comprise the Human Resource capacity and structures for effective governance and management of company affairs. A work force of thirty seven (37) employees on payroll and twenty eight (28) casual laborers, charged with day today running of the Company. We are part of the Rural Electricity Distributions Companies in Uganda, who operate outside Umeme and UEDCL footprints.

KIL operates ten (10) feeders, i.e Rugendabara, Kisanayaraze, Ibanda, Kirembe, Kikorongo, Kyambura, Kizinda, Kitagata, Kalere and Matsyoro. With Buhweju powerline coming on board, we are going to have four more feeders added calling for more connections and increased access under the Electricity Connection Policy (ECP).

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