Theft and Vandalism

Several Cases of theft and vandalism of electricity materials have been reported all over the country and specifically the Western Service Territory that Kilembe Investments Limited manages. Kilembe Investments Limited would like to warn everyone that such behaviors are criminal and could lead to prosecution. This can anyway be avoided.

You can

  1. Look out for and report suspicious behavior around electricity equipments like transformers, poles, stay wires etc. We have nominated 5 members of the transformer security committee led by its chairman.
  2. You can reach all our committee members on each of our transformer along Kilembe Investments Limited Power lines and its associated LV.


  1. Pay bills monthly to avoid engaging in power theft.
  2. Do not buy electrical materials from a contractor or broker but from a utility’s Office.
  3. Do not pay money to technical staff or meter readers but rather to our company cashiers at our offices.
  4. Report any cases of theft and vandalism to the nearest police post or local leaders in your area:
  5. NB: A token of 50,000= will be awarded to anyone who reports such serious cases of theft and vandalism.