Kilembe Investments Limited (K.I.L)

Lighting Villages...

  • KIL Board Members

  • Hon. Minister of Defence and MP Bukonzo west commissions one of the K.I.L projects in Sept 2013

  • K.I.L technical team at the head office in the field

  • K.I.L team installing an meter at a rural customer's home under the OBA project

  • One of the share holders during the AGM

  • K.I.L MD in the field with local customers

  • K.I.L team testing meters with UNBS and ERA authorities

  • K.I.L team inspecting meters with UNBS and ERA officials

  • Share holders serving lunch during the AGM

Recent Projects


 Electricity Distribution Network

Kilembe Investments Limited’s service territory is the area outside Umeme Ltd.’s footprint covering the districts of Kasese, Rubirizi, Buhweju, Mitooma, Sheema and Bushenyi. Kilembe Investments Limited is yet to take over power lines in Buhweju, Mitooma, Sheema and Bushenyi Read more... 
Finished Projects

With the help of the Government of Uganda through REA in conjunction with Belgium Technical Corporation(BTC), Kasese District Local Government(KDLG) and the Local Community, K.I.L has Read....

Pay your Power bills by Mobile Money

You can now purchase electricity using MTN Mobile money

Dial *165# and press OK


Prepaid Meter Systems

On addition to the CPU CARD prepayment system, K.I.L has since July 2013 introduced KEY PAD prepayment system.


Kilembe Investments Limited



Mr. Mujungu Thembo, The Managing Director K.I.L

Our Dear Customers and stake holders, I welcome you to the Kilembe Investments Limited website. We hope that through this forum we can reach a wider audience, beyond the boundaries of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, other stakeholders in government and the country in general to involve external stakeholders.

Kilembe Investments Limited is a public limited company licensed to sell electricity in Kasese and Rubirizi District. Kilembe Investment Limited’s first business plan was prepared in 2007 and focused on supply of power to rural areas of Kasese District and surrounding areas. The Business Plan laid out how KIL would raise the capital to build the power lines and working capital to distribute electricity in Kasese District and the surrounding areas. Kilembe Investments successfully raised the capital and commenced operations in 2009. In October 2014, Kilembe Investments Limited signed a lease agreement with the GoU, where power lines were transferred to GoU and are in turn leased to KIL. The Government of Uganda is also constructing new power lines and has expanded KIL’s area of operation to four other districts. This five year business plan will review the performance of KIL against the 2007 Business Plan and also detail how the company will manage the expanded service territory in order to meet the conditions of the lease agreement, generate profit and Return On Investment and pay dividends to shareholders.




“To be a competitive clean energy provider for a cleaner environment.”

The Technical Services department is headed by an Electrical Engineer who provides professional leadership to the department and the company and advises the company on all technical issues. The department is responsible for maintaining the company’s electricity


Plot 47, Rwenzori Rd.

P.O.Box 341, Kasese.


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Government of Uganda Rural Electrification Agency Umeme New Plan